Men’s Circles

mens circle

Those who have initiated the offer to impart their wisdom are rounding up the men. Those who are broken, and those who are not. Both hold the key for their own healing. Both are reference points for each others miracles in creating unity. We offer those who wish to participate in this interaction of knowledge and experience a place to create it. We offer all those who enter this realm a chance to heal whatever ails them.

Age is a mixture of trial and experience. These are the necessary tools for change in an individuals life. Our mistakes lead us to allowing insight to participate in this change. Let’s share our insights in an environment where we each validate the other. Not for their accolades, but for their humanity to one another.

David O’Brien.




In the seeding of ideas we embellish notions given to us by an extraneous source. We line our thoughts up together like naughty school kids waiting to be dealt with by the headmaster. Then one by one, we take them in to our conscious mind and allow them to give us an explanation of why they need to be set free. Each corresponding anecdote simplifies the previous punishment of not allowing them to integrate into the well of fortitude.



The terrain of gibberish is a candid one. Fools line up to have their 15 minutes of unadulterated exposure to the Collective. The observers of these fools have relinquished any form of nurturing dominion, and traded it for black goo. The social commentary which aids the fool is just a hole in the stocking of some Banker who is a serious cross-dresser. And we know many of them are. In compliancy with this quasi-sacred moment, the FOOL prepares with foolishness, the opening argument. One of self-validation. No exponential diatribe regarding the cultural deficit of Democracy, but the Fools alliance to its Pageantry. The FOOL predicts a good fortune only accessible by those who allow him to think he can integrate with this diabolical conundrum. So the playground of belligerence is littered with FOOLS & tufts of superfluos diatribe.

A pernicious attack is on the FOOL. As he sleeps at night, trying to understand the complexities of what he has agreed to be a part of. The nightmares of a garden weltering and dying of starvation. He cries many nights but you don’t see him. His prayers to an empty God fall from his eyes to the ground, to be soaked up and used to cultivate the soil. HIs Dad and Pop on the farm didn’t prepare him for this. He is getting weaker by the day. The Collective spirit is defying his existence. Telling him and everyone that there is more, plenty more. What it is you are looking for is looking for you. It hides in your fears waiting for that moment of validation. Yes I was hurt and I hurt. But I will stop now to observe what I have done.

In reverence to all that you have done, you must pay homage to your mind. Allowing it to embed itself momentarily close to your heart. Sharing your most intimate moment with your universe. Yes that’s right. The matrix you are plugged into shares its space with some key players. We share the air with a natural divine phenomena, infusing each moment with bliss. Yet, you don’t see this. Do you? You dont feel the nurturing of this beautiful spirit until to you infuse its agenda into you. But you need to be in the naked bush to bare witness to this miracle. It will cover you with tender kisses, transpeciative  inference into this evolutionary journey we are all participating in. Each plays their own game, imbues the monumental moment with spirit and soul. The reunification of self without the ego. Heaven and Earth, they cannot be separate! But they have been for thousands of years.

Now, the Earth Awakes. With her own journey in hand. Shaking the shit out of her hair, or whats left of it. Thats the sad part. An evolution of the fe-male psyche has been postponed for a quick dip into MEDIOCRITY. Ah! the magik we weave wears us out. Too much at manifesting the mediocre, we climb the walls of scarcity, holding on to our lives as well as believing, and I mean BELIEVING in a great spirit of Destiny. That the right path has been reached, then we reach out to everyone who is thinking the same. Is this the Collective Imagination at play. Joining the dots. Hello Dot, let’s take an incredible journey together. We have the scars to prove it.

So now, you dance! Whether you feel like dancing is irrelevant. Dancing awakens the warrior within. Bow to the rhythms of the new heartbeat of Gaia/Sophia. Awake and aware of all. Let not your woes take you to the mediocre. You are greater than that. Now, dance as a warrior. This is the moment your creation expands into the universe. And it has been missing you. Terribly. Oh how terribly. Inevitability can be a witch undressing you in your dreams, or a signature of a universal dream reaching its full potential. I don’t know about you! But I’m going, only if you are.

STAY SACRED……if you dare!

© Copyright David O’Brien 2012



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In the wake of obsolete reasoning, the halls and lecture rooms of academia are stained with the inconclusive perception of our true origins. We scrutinize this institutional way of thinking because it smells deceptive. It is bound by the coercion and finite pursuit of self-appointed demigods, who cast dispersions of disdain on the establishments who suspend the manufactured hypothesis of existence with no purposeful conclusion. Our purpose, destiny, agenda is nothing other than our own experience. No interference is necessary unless we allow it. Whether it creates or crucifies us, it is our journey to infuse our story into the true earth library. Our divine testament given to the library of human nature. A biological moment planted in time, and as we awake in this dimensional matrix, we  inhabit  an overwhelming sense of density and destiny.
In western civilization, our gaze is being diverted toward the mediocre. No rationale to our inner longing for peace and contentment. In our true egoic state, life is replicating materialism. Objects of desire are deeming more important in priorital manifestation, empowering an insidious momentum into our collective destiny. We have been sidetracked from this important and sacred agenda. Covertly and cleverly. We gallantly succumb to all victimizations which society churns out in its illegitimate slurry. We bow our heads to greet our captors, bewildered as to the whereabouts of a place other than the present moment. There are accentuations in the dominator paradigm of higher dimensional intent coating our societal dilemma. It is too thorough in its covert interpretation.
The binding agent driving this ambiguous manipulation is part of an alien technology, which has been used as  social control mechanisms disguised as humane and enlightening constructs which we gladly submit to. Most institutions have adopted their own order to deflect our true agenda away from the collective soul for centuries. By ‘alien’ I don’t mean the extraterrestrial kind.  I am suggesting that this mechanism is part of a technology, which is totally alien to humans and nature. It has been kept from the people in order to manipulate us collectively.  It is a quasi-intuitive theocratic mechanism directed at the subconscious, creating its desired outcome other than its true original  purpose.
Mimicry is best suited to explain this illegitimate coercion. Most of the momentum for our fear based society has been fed by the victim – perpetrator paradigm. A slave creates servitude to the master without question, critique or purpose.
As we dissect the Corporate Mindset, each level of responsibility is allowed a specific variance of information to feed on. Whether the material is sustenance for the individuals mind or not is irrelevant.  It has not been created to evolve, or to imbue the workers with revelations. It is a carefully concocted fragment which interplays with those who have created its intent. Most, if not all corporate men and women’s minds have been influenced without their knowledge. All institutions have been created to serve and service this agenda. All indoctrination, which takes place within the institutionalised learning complex, has evolved from this agenda to enslave the Divine Human. It is up to each individual to experience this manipulation in their own way, although it is perplexing to be creative while perpetuating your own destruction.
We wised up eloquently to serve with gracious arrogance, the beast knocking repetitiously at our splendor. Materialism allowed us to explore vulnerability to its extreme. Each of us co-created our own part to play. Our own identity eventually created a new quasi-distortion of our true evolutionary path. An integration of ego, soul and spirit within a victim-perpetrator paradigm. As multiple personalities were created to conspire in this 3D matrix, we are vying for validation within our own battered individual psyches.
Our collective imagination, with the aid of the concept of evil,  has now taken our species once again to the brink of extinction. Each second paralyzes the next with an overactive  and insane expediency to implode into the moment. The silence of truth is deafening. It is only in this silence can we see the light of heaven and hell with the same eyes we see nature glorifying itself in divine perpetuity.
STAY SACRED ……. if you DARE !!!
© Copyright David O’Brien 2012


Please be safe within your mind at this important juncture of humanity. A force has set upon us, which is not conducive to our Collective Souls Destiny of safety, balance and contentment. Many of you will read this and feel there is no need to be wary. If that is your wish, then so be it. During humanities cultural induction into the current Fear Paradigm, post 1933, we have lost and been cut off from collective tools, which keep our Collective Imagination safe from any threat, locally and universally. As we all open ourselves to the 2012 hypothesis, whether apocalyptic or utopian, we need to look at our connection to the EARTH.
Throughout our lives mythology has given us wonderful concepts to embrace in re-creating the magi-c that has so vehemently been preyed upon by Religions and Politics. The ‘Beast from the Sea’ and the ‘Beast from the Land’. Let’s look closely at these two terminologies that we can find bandied about in the Book of Revelations.
The Beast from the Sea, POLITICS, indicates to me that we know Sovereignty has been deleted from our collective script into creating a world full of vacuous sheep, led by the Dark Shepherds. Whose greed and lust for power has rendered them as Psychopaths. But why the SEA? Well, the current legal system operating in Politics is ‘Admiralty Law’, which governs the sea. It has been coagulated and redefined and also manipulated that this is the law we are suppose to live by on land. But this is where the Bankers fill their pockets with the spoils of this deception. Their clever and sinister plan to make money from each and every one of us has been one of the most guarded secrets of all contemporary time.
The fact that through theft and deception these same Bankers have bankrupted every government on the planet through coercion and most often targeting all individuals who participate in the ‘Game of Politics’. Blackmail, sexual misconduct, threatening families, even death of loved ones in many instances. But do these political figures realise the skulduggery that is attached to their profession? Many don’t, some do. But since the end of WW11, more than 60 countries throughout the world have been decimated because they dare to evolve and implement progressive co-habitational models, which allow their societies to improve and nurture their citizens. This is a fundamental component of being human.
‘The only permanent thing on the planet is change’.
In defying the Bankers mandate to control all societies, Political Agencies such as ‘Foreign Policy’ are turned into war machines to implement this mandate through sheer force. Syphoning all monies from the created class structures to feed these beasts. Keeping the planet in a continuous state of destabilisation, purely for control purposes. Who could have dreamed up such a barbaric plan? Would we as human beings create such a world for our children?
I don’t think so!
Then there is “The Beast from the Land’. RELIGION. The barbaric wars, which have been fought on land for the last 1600 years, all in the name of Religious prosperity. So called divine doctrines to aid individuals to a state of ‘Rapture & Enlightenment’, from the beginning of the Dark Ages. Initiated by a group of Misogynist Religious Zealots, whose lust for power and hate of woman drove a Religious killing machine still very much alive 1600 years later. The hills and valleys throughout the world which are stained by these brutal Religiously perpetrated wars have not been sufficiently healed. But one thing to consider. This  persecution against women also was to be perpetrated on Mother Earth herself. Do not be fooled as to the real motivation of these demonic organizations to keep the earth herself in a constant state of sadness.
And through this persecution, Corporations have taken over the Religious Mandate of the planet in the name of progress. So the Land and the Sea have been covered with this same agenda. We have been buried in a quagmire of male toxicity connected to a toxic power structure, and now the Collective Imagination is waking also. Believing that this is not what is meant to be. Imagining better lives for ourselves and our loved ones and also for the rest of humanity. We need to take responsibility of this Imagining, realising this is one of the tools in which humanity could lead itself out of the deluge of mans naivety.
We are awakening our power again. Taking it back from the devils who stole it for their own. It was never theirs to begin with. The lists have been written for those who have fed from this insidious slush. Hundreds and thousands of people who took greed, power, manipulation and deception as their own and ran with it. What will become of these infidels when the Collective Soul awakens fully? I hope they will tend the fields of their misgivings. Stand on the earth they have tried to destroy. Because this is the next stage of their process. To feel the earths pain in totality. Whether they are left standing after that I don’t know. I urge them to stop this insanity now, before their Life Review with GAIA.
STAY SACRED….if you dare!
© Copyright David O’Brien 2012


This contemporary sigil is a representation of the Learning that takes place within the tribal spectrum. The Red Circle is a representation of the Tribe and the passion for knowledge and wisdom which emanates from the smaller Gold Circle within the Red Circle. This is the collective Gnosis which is active within the tribal ethos and available to all. Certain people will go through initiation in the tribe, which are usually chosen by the GRANDE MOTHER.


The Learning Circles are a component if Indigenous Society which are energised by the Elders of the Tribe. Each member of the tribe has their own journey, so it is up to the ELDERS to precipitate that journey and guide the souls to discover their magic through story and dance. Many of us have lost our way, due to the fact that Society as a nurturing component of  Eldership has given us a Quasi-Institutionalised Men for this role. It has not been thought thoroughly through. So all energies created by this Quasi-Eldery are doomed from the beginning. It is up to the Community to bring this component out of the hands of the Politicians and Power Mongers, and reinterpret Nurturing, Protection and Individual Sovereignty the way it was INTENDED.

The tools we need for this journey can only be crafted from an experience of the Journey itself. Through that experience, guidance can precipitate greater knowledge and amore succinct connection to the Divine Mother Earth. In our interaction with the Earth, variety of magical interpretations can create a story one can see as well as hear.