The Learning Circles are a component if Indigenous Society which are energised by the Elders of the Tribe. Each member of the tribe has their own journey, so it is up to the ELDERS to precipitate that journey and guide the souls to discover their magic through story and dance. Many of us have lost our way, due to the fact that Society as a nurturing component of  Eldership has given us a Quasi-Institutionalised Men for this role. It has not been thought thoroughly through. So all energies created by this Quasi-Eldery are doomed from the beginning. It is up to the Community to bring this component out of the hands of the Politicians and Power Mongers, and reinterpret Nurturing, Protection and Individual Sovereignty the way it was INTENDED.

The tools we need for this journey can only be crafted from an experience of the Journey itself. Through that experience, guidance can precipitate greater knowledge and amore succinct connection to the Divine Mother Earth. In our interaction with the Earth, variety of magical interpretations can create a story one can see as well as hear.


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