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In the wake of obsolete reasoning, the halls and lecture rooms of academia are stained with the inconclusive perception of our true origins. We scrutinize this institutional way of thinking because it smells deceptive. It is bound by the coercion and finite pursuit of self-appointed demigods, who cast dispersions of disdain on the establishments who suspend the manufactured hypothesis of existence with no purposeful conclusion. Our purpose, destiny, agenda is nothing other than our own experience. No interference is necessary unless we allow it. Whether it creates or crucifies us, it is our journey to infuse our story into the true earth library. Our divine testament given to the library of human nature. A biological moment planted in time, and as we awake in this dimensional matrix, we  inhabit  an overwhelming sense of density and destiny.
In western civilization, our gaze is being diverted toward the mediocre. No rationale to our inner longing for peace and contentment. In our true egoic state, life is replicating materialism. Objects of desire are deeming more important in priorital manifestation, empowering an insidious momentum into our collective destiny. We have been sidetracked from this important and sacred agenda. Covertly and cleverly. We gallantly succumb to all victimizations which society churns out in its illegitimate slurry. We bow our heads to greet our captors, bewildered as to the whereabouts of a place other than the present moment. There are accentuations in the dominator paradigm of higher dimensional intent coating our societal dilemma. It is too thorough in its covert interpretation.
The binding agent driving this ambiguous manipulation is part of an alien technology, which has been used as  social control mechanisms disguised as humane and enlightening constructs which we gladly submit to. Most institutions have adopted their own order to deflect our true agenda away from the collective soul for centuries. By ‘alien’ I don’t mean the extraterrestrial kind.  I am suggesting that this mechanism is part of a technology, which is totally alien to humans and nature. It has been kept from the people in order to manipulate us collectively.  It is a quasi-intuitive theocratic mechanism directed at the subconscious, creating its desired outcome other than its true original  purpose.
Mimicry is best suited to explain this illegitimate coercion. Most of the momentum for our fear based society has been fed by the victim – perpetrator paradigm. A slave creates servitude to the master without question, critique or purpose.
As we dissect the Corporate Mindset, each level of responsibility is allowed a specific variance of information to feed on. Whether the material is sustenance for the individuals mind or not is irrelevant.  It has not been created to evolve, or to imbue the workers with revelations. It is a carefully concocted fragment which interplays with those who have created its intent. Most, if not all corporate men and women’s minds have been influenced without their knowledge. All institutions have been created to serve and service this agenda. All indoctrination, which takes place within the institutionalised learning complex, has evolved from this agenda to enslave the Divine Human. It is up to each individual to experience this manipulation in their own way, although it is perplexing to be creative while perpetuating your own destruction.
We wised up eloquently to serve with gracious arrogance, the beast knocking repetitiously at our splendor. Materialism allowed us to explore vulnerability to its extreme. Each of us co-created our own part to play. Our own identity eventually created a new quasi-distortion of our true evolutionary path. An integration of ego, soul and spirit within a victim-perpetrator paradigm. As multiple personalities were created to conspire in this 3D matrix, we are vying for validation within our own battered individual psyches.
Our collective imagination, with the aid of the concept of evil,  has now taken our species once again to the brink of extinction. Each second paralyzes the next with an overactive  and insane expediency to implode into the moment. The silence of truth is deafening. It is only in this silence can we see the light of heaven and hell with the same eyes we see nature glorifying itself in divine perpetuity.
STAY SACRED ……. if you DARE !!!
© Copyright David O’Brien 2012

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