The terrain of gibberish is a candid one. Fools line up to have their 15 minutes of unadulterated exposure to the Collective. The observers of these fools have relinquished any form of nurturing dominion, and traded it for black goo. The social commentary which aids the fool is just a hole in the stocking of some Banker who is a serious cross-dresser. And we know many of them are. In compliancy with this quasi-sacred moment, the FOOL prepares with foolishness, the opening argument. One of self-validation. No exponential diatribe regarding the cultural deficit of Democracy, but the Fools alliance to its Pageantry. The FOOL predicts a good fortune only accessible by those who allow him to think he can integrate with this diabolical conundrum. So the playground of belligerence is littered with FOOLS & tufts of superfluos diatribe.

A pernicious attack is on the FOOL. As he sleeps at night, trying to understand the complexities of what he has agreed to be a part of. The nightmares of a garden weltering and dying of starvation. He cries many nights but you don’t see him. His prayers to an empty God fall from his eyes to the ground, to be soaked up and used to cultivate the soil. HIs Dad and Pop on the farm didn’t prepare him for this. He is getting weaker by the day. The Collective spirit is defying his existence. Telling him and everyone that there is more, plenty more. What it is you are looking for is looking for you. It hides in your fears waiting for that moment of validation. Yes I was hurt and I hurt. But I will stop now to observe what I have done.

In reverence to all that you have done, you must pay homage to your mind. Allowing it to embed itself momentarily close to your heart. Sharing your most intimate moment with your universe. Yes that’s right. The matrix you are plugged into shares its space with some key players. We share the air with a natural divine phenomena, infusing each moment with bliss. Yet, you don’t see this. Do you? You dont feel the nurturing of this beautiful spirit until to you infuse its agenda into you. But you need to be in the naked bush to bare witness to this miracle. It will cover you with tender kisses, transpeciative  inference into this evolutionary journey we are all participating in. Each plays their own game, imbues the monumental moment with spirit and soul. The reunification of self without the ego. Heaven and Earth, they cannot be separate! But they have been for thousands of years.

Now, the Earth Awakes. With her own journey in hand. Shaking the shit out of her hair, or whats left of it. Thats the sad part. An evolution of the fe-male psyche has been postponed for a quick dip into MEDIOCRITY. Ah! the magik we weave wears us out. Too much at manifesting the mediocre, we climb the walls of scarcity, holding on to our lives as well as believing, and I mean BELIEVING in a great spirit of Destiny. That the right path has been reached, then we reach out to everyone who is thinking the same. Is this the Collective Imagination at play. Joining the dots. Hello Dot, let’s take an incredible journey together. We have the scars to prove it.

So now, you dance! Whether you feel like dancing is irrelevant. Dancing awakens the warrior within. Bow to the rhythms of the new heartbeat of Gaia/Sophia. Awake and aware of all. Let not your woes take you to the mediocre. You are greater than that. Now, dance as a warrior. This is the moment your creation expands into the universe. And it has been missing you. Terribly. Oh how terribly. Inevitability can be a witch undressing you in your dreams, or a signature of a universal dream reaching its full potential. I don’t know about you! But I’m going, only if you are.

STAY SACRED……if you dare!

© Copyright David O’Brien 2012


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