Men’s Circles

mens circle

Those who have initiated the offer to impart their wisdom are rounding up the men. Those who are broken, and those who are not. Both hold the key for their own healing. Both are reference points for each others miracles in creating unity. We offer those who wish to participate in this interaction of knowledge and experience a place to create it. We offer all those who enter this realm a chance to heal whatever ails them.

Age is a mixture of trial and experience. These are the necessary tools for change in an individuals life. Our mistakes lead us to allowing insight to participate in this change. Let’s share our insights in an environment where we each validate the other. Not for their accolades, but for their humanity to one another.

David O’Brien.




In the seeding of ideas we embellish notions given to us by an extraneous source. We line our thoughts up together like naughty school kids waiting to be dealt with by the headmaster. Then one by one, we take them in to our conscious mind and allow them to give us an explanation of why they need to be set free. Each corresponding anecdote simplifies the previous punishment of not allowing them to integrate into the well of fortitude.